mega millions software

SamLotto computer lottery programs full support the Mega Millions lottery, This is the best Mega Millions software !

SamLotto lottery program supports lottery analysis, lottery generator, lottery prediction, lottery filters, lottery number wheeling and update Mega Millions lottery draws data online.

Only need a few step, SamLotto Mega Millions software can help you can remove 99% of the bad lottery tickets!

Here we step by step…

The following example will tell you how to use the SamLotto programs to play Mega Millions lottery!

Selected: 18 numbers.

Use the full wheeling need 8568 combinations, so we use the “Wheels Generator”, select formula “if 5 match 4”. only 295 combinations. click the “Generate Tickets>>” button to generating tickets!

We use filters to continue to optimize!Selected some base filters (we random selected 16 filters), click the button “Menu”->”Generate Default Conditions – Last 20 Drawings”, We count the latest 20 lottery data, automatically generate the filter conditions.

And finally only 211 tickets, but these are still many, do not worry, use WRG to continue to optimize, if these tickets just want to keep 10%, select “10%”.

From 8568 combinations to 22 combinations, It’s that simple!