Powerball software

SamLotto lottery software programs that works Powerball, This is the best Powerball software in the world!

Does SamLotto lottery software really work? YES!
Do you need a lottery analysis software?
a lottery generator software?
a lottery prediction software?
a lottery filters software?
or a lottery number wheeling system?

These features are available! In order to quickly and accurately select the number and set the filters conditions, you can 1-click selected hot numbers, 1-click generate base filters conditions! Samlotto’s powerful wheeling and filter system can filtered out more than 99% bad tickets!

Only need a few operations, SamLotto powerball software can help you can remove 99% of the bad lottery tickets!

Here we step by step…

Setup 1:Click the button “Pick”->”Pick Hot Numbers (Last 30 Drawings)” auto selected: 23 Numbers. Total: 33649 combinations.

Setup 2:Use the “Wheels Generator”, select formula “if 5 match 4”.

What’s “if 5 match 4” ? Meaning that if this 22 number contains 5 winning numbers, at least one ticket contains 4 winning numbers. But the tickets form 33649 reduced to 901.

Setup 3:We use filters to continue to optimize!Selected some base filters (we random selected 17 filters), click the button “Menu”->”Generate Default Conditions – Last 20 Drawings”, We count the latest 20 lottery data, automatically generate the filter conditions.

Setup 4: Click the button “Start Filtering>>”. And removed 400 bad lottery tickets. Finally only 461 tottery tickets…