How to use the Logical Condition and use the Fault Tolerance function

The default parameter of the Logical Condition function is “AND”, which means that all the selected filters must be correct, the line will pass.

If there is a conditional prediction error, we will lose the first prize, how to save this error? We need to set the Fault Tolerance…

The following example will step by step how to use Fault Tolerance.

We use the lottery data of Mega Millions 10/29/2019.

First randomly select some numbers and generate lines, these numbers must contain Mega Millions 10/29/2019 winning numbers: 04 09 17 27 39

Then automatically generate Mega Millions 10/29/2019 winning numbers base conditions (Menu->Generate Current Drawings Conditions (10/29/2019))

Randomly selected 10 filters:

Even Count =1
High Count =1
Prime Count =1
Number Sum=96
Average Value=19
Unit Number Different Count = 3
Minimum Number=4
Max Distance=12
Lowest 4 Units Count =4

Then start filtering, because the set filters conditions are all correct, so the winning line passed.

Let’s test, set High Count = 2, this condition is wrong, and then filtering, what happens?

In the video we saw that all the lines were filtered out. We lost the winning numbers. How can we avoid this?

We need to use the Filtering Fault Tolerance function, set Logical Condition to 9-10, which means in 10 filters. If there is a filter prediction error, the winning line also passed.

The SamLotto and SamP3P4 all supports this function.

For details, please watch the video below:


Why use the WRG?

Why use the WRG

We pick 26 Numbers as a demo.

Full generate 65780 lines. Mega Millions one line cost $2.00 per play, total 65780 lines will cost $131,560.

This cost too much, we can’t afford it! So you need to use the wheeling formula.

After using the wheels , total of 1558 lines, will cost $3,116. The amount of money invested is still too much, we continue to use the filtering function to filter out more lines.

We randomly selected 25 filters, total filtered out 747 bad lines. Finally there are 811 lines, will cost $1,622.

But I just want to spend $50-100? How to do?

So we need to use the WRG function, we choose to keep 5% lines, and finally 40 lines, will cost $80.

The SamLotto and SamP3P4 2019 versions later versions all support this function.

For details, please watch the video below: