Fully Features Lottery Software

SamLotto and SamP3P4 lottery software provide the best wheeling tool, past results analysis tool, tickets filtering tool, search past results tool, and lottery prediction tool to help you win the lottery! Fully compatible with ALL Windows systems.

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Best Software for Lottery Players

SamLotto Lottery Development Team offer TWO Lottery Software for Windows users. SamLotto for all lotto games and SamP3P4 for all Pick 3/Pick 4 digit lotteries that draw 3 or 4 numbers from 0 to 9. For all professional or beginner lottery players, Powerful, and easy to use! Use our software to quickly help you with your number selection strategy, wheeling strategy, filtering strategy, and predicting the next draw lottery numbers.

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SamLotto 2024

SamLotto is a fully-featured lotto-type lottery software (Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, Lotto America, Cash4Life, Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Canadian 649, Euro Millions, Thunder Ball, Germany Lotto 649, etc.. ) that has turned around the gaming experiences of most players around the world. It provides the best filtering, analysis, and predicting tool, thus playing the lottery never before. The software has been running for 18 years and is still going strong!

SamLotto lottery software offers the most comprehensive number selection, number combination, filtering, and historical data analysis functions to help you complete your strategy and increase the odds of winning the lottery jackpot, helping save you time and money.

SamP3P4 2024

If you want to win the Pick 3/Daily 3/Cash 3 and Pick 4/Daily 4/Cash 4, SamP3P4 is the very cool software that can help your dream come true. The software has been running for 10 years!

SamP3P4 3-digit 4-digit software offers the most comprehensive number selection, number combination, filtering, and historical data analysis functions. to help you complete your strategy and increase the odds of winning the pick 3 pick 4 lottery, reduce lottery betting funds.

Why Choose Our Lottery Software?

Easily Update the Latest Results

Free downloads the latest drawings results, supports 300+ lotteries. Support for creating custom lotteries, manual import, and entering the previous drawing results by hand.

Quick Selection of Numbers

Quickly generate a pool of numbers from the historical drawings data of hot or cold numbers, and you can specify how many historical drawings to use.

Quickly Generate Tickets

SamLotto & SamP3P4 is a lottery number generation software. Support multiple methods of generating tickets combinations. supports full wheel, abbreviated wheel, positions, and random etc. It only takes 1-3 seconds to generate 1 million number combinations.

Absolutely Exclusive Filtering Methods

This is also a lottery filter software, over 90% of filters not available in any other lottery software programs. We provide over 50 filters method and support automatic parameter generation. Quickly generate default basic filter parameters with a single click.

Past Results Analysis & Search

SamLotto & SamP3P4 is also a lottery analysis software that supports over 100 analysis charts. supports search past drawings results, Odd-even analysis, low-high analysis, sum analysis, AC value analysis, etc., more than 15 analysis methods.

Lottery Prediction Tool

SamLotto and SamP3P4 are also lottery prediction software. Offer two prediction methods, using the historical winning results trend manual prediction and prediction of the next draw winning numbers using our lottery prediction algorithm. The prediction program can record the prediction history of each algorithm.


” John Davis from ca writes: I purchase the program on Monday, played the powerball and won $1800! Just wanted to let you know this soft really works. The filter is great! “
John Doe

” I have played twice on your lottery software. I found the programs easy to use and power, I like the wheeling and filtering functions”

“I have tried a few lottery software programs but this one is by far the best. It is very straightforward to use, easy to install and is full of features that help you make more intelligent lottery picks.