SamP3P4 2024 Lottery Software Overview

If You Want to Win the Pick 3 Pick 4 Lottery, SamP3P4 is the BEST 3-digit & 4-digit Lottery Software for You! SamP3P4 can help your dream come true. This software is an All-In-One lottery program to play the lottery that offers a variety of strategy combinations to help you win the lottery and increase your odds of winning.

SamP3P4 lottery software system features the best lottery drawings analysis tool, search past results tool, predicting tool, and filtering tool that can help you win the lottery. You can stop trying to predict with Lady Luck’s help. It is truly a difficult task to merely lean on blind luck. Instead, you can use various functions to increase your chance of winning.

After analyzing, SamP3P4 will generate all possible ticket combinations based on your number pool. Then you can filter out bad tickets using the filter function, It’s all just a few mouse clicks, and many of the work processes are automated. If you play the lotto-type & Powerball lottery, please use SamLotto.

SamP3P4 Lottery Software Product Introduction

Quick Number Picking

We know that hot numbers have a high probability of winning. In the Pick panel, by clicking on the “Pick” button, you can quickly generate a pool of numbers from the historical data of hot or cold numbers (and you can specify how many historical winning numbers to use).

Support 3 Modes to Generate Tickets

Mode 1. Using the Position to Generate Tickets

Generate full combinations based on the pool of numbers you select. Supports generate All combinations, Single combinations, Double combinations, and Triple combinations.

Mode 2. Pick 3 Pick 4 Wheel

Use this feature to quickly generate combinations with no duplicate numbers based on the pool of numbers you choose! This way of generating combinations can also be called Pick 3 Wheel, or Pick 4 Wheel.

Mode 3. Using Sum Values to Generate Tickets

We know that for all pick 3 tickets, the minimum sum is 0 (0 + 0 + 0 = 0), the max sum is 27 (9 + 9 + 9) . So we can analyze and predict the sum of the next winning numbers, and then use this feature to generate the combination of our predicted sums.

More about generating tickets please visit how to generate Pick 3 Pick 4 lottery combinations.

Using Filters and Setting Filter Parameters

SamP3P4 is also a Pick 3 Pick 4 filtering software, you can easy to use the basic filters, advanced filters. The software system offers 50 basic filter methods and 18 advanced filter methods, and they’re easy to use! You don’t even need to know what each filter means.

The program helps you automatically generate filter parameters (all basic filters are supported). Click “Menu” -> “Generate Default Conditions”, 1-click generation of default filter parameters.

Of course, you can also click on the “…” button to open the parameter settings window to reset the filter parameters. You can click on the ‘Assistant’ button to open the parameter setting assistant, which will help you set the parameters quickly.

Analysis of Historical Lottery Results Data

SamP3P4 is also a powerful Pick 3 Pick 4 lottery statistical analysis software that supports over 80 statistical analysis charts. By analyzing these charts, filter parameters can be more correctly predicted.

Search Past Results

The standard hot and cold number analysis function can only analyze the hot and cold of a single number. Search Past Results can search and count the number of times all number combinations, singles combinations, doubles combinations, triples combinations and quads combinations has appeared in the history drawings of the lottery.

After the search is completed, the program will count the number of appears and skips of the number combinations. And a detailed list of which drawings show these number combinations. Based on the statistics we can analyze which number combinations are hot and which are cold.

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Details of SamP3P4 Lottery Software Supported Features

Lottery Drawings Update and Editing

  • Free update latest drawings results.
  • Work with all Pick 3, Pick 4, Play 3, Cash 3, Cash 4, Play 4, Daily 3, Daily 4, and 3D & 4D lotteries. Supports over 200 3-digit 4-digit games around the world.
  • Support for modifying lottery game rules.
  • Create a new lottery.
  • Free daily updates drawings result on over 150 lotteries from around the world.
  • Split lottery draws by day of the week.
  • Manual add entry of lottery draws data.
  • Insert lottery draw data in the specified location.
  • Delete the lottery data in the specified location.
  • Modify the lottery data of the specified location.
  • Support import/export of lottery drawings data.

Processing and Editing Bet Ticket Store

  • Save ticket list to Txt file.
  • Load ticket list from Txt file.
  • Load drawings result to ticket store.
  • Supports check to win bet types straight, 3-Way Box, 6-Way Box, Front Pair, Back Pair, and Split Pair.
  • Add/delete/sort tickets.
  • Remove duplicate tickets.
  • Print ticket list to paper.
  • Statistics tickets list all numbers hits times. and sorted by times of occurrence.
  • Statistical analysis of the combination frequency of 2-numbers, and 3-numbers.
  • Support search winnings tickets from tickets list.

Tracking and Statistical Analysis of Historical Drawings Results

  • Specified positions to participate in the tracking and statistics.
  • Customize the range of historical data statistics analysis.
  • Displays the current column Actual Skips information for each value.
  • Automatically analyze and count the information of the current column value.
  • Add bonus numbers to tickets.
  • Offer over 10 methods of lottery historical data analysis.

Generate Number Combinations

  • Generate all Pick-3, Pick-4 combinations with one click.
  • Support randomly generated selection numbers.
  • Quick number selection based on hot numbers, cold numbers, and previous drawings numbers.
  • Support for generating complete combinations of selected numbers.
  • Generate all possible combinations by position.
  • Support for generating wheel combinations of selected numbers.
  • Generating ticket combinations by one line.
  • Generating ticket combinations by SUM Value.
  • generate combination patterns, supports All, Single, Double, and Triple to generate lines.
  • Supports Rundown and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Use Filters to Eliminate Bad Lottery Tickets

  • Automatic generation of base filter parameters, based on previous drawings data.
  • Supports 35 base filters and 13 advanced filters.
  • Automatic generation of current draw base filter parameters.
  • Specified positions to participate in the filtering.
  • All filters support filter assistants.
  • All filters support the filter assistant, support the generation of default filter parameters.
  • Filter support fault tolerance to avoid losing the big prize.
  • Support save and backup, import filters.
  • Support the display of filtering reports, detailed records of the amount of bad tickets filtered out by each filter.
  • Filter support for deleting already drawing combinations from the tickets list.

Predicting the Next Draw

  • Using the historical winning results trend manual prediction next draw.
  • Prediction of the next draw winning numbers using our lottery prediction algorithm.
  • Support for verification of prediction algorithms.
  • The prediction program can record the prediction history of each algorithm.
  • Prediction Verification supports Actual Skips.

Search Past Drawings Results

  • Support select search drawings range.
  • Supports automatic search combination generation (‘1-Number’ generates all combinations of one number, ‘2-Number generates all combinations of two numbers, ‘3-Number generates all combinations of three numbers), manual entry, and Load Search List from Txt file.
  • Support the option to search by position.
  • Search types supports Straight, 3-Way Box, 6-Way Box, Front Pair, Back Pair and Split Pair.

Does Lottery Software Really Work and Why Use a Lottery Software?

The lottery software program doesn’t guarantee you a win, but it improves your chances of winning!

Many people are prejudiced when they talk about lottery software, which is just a tool, like stock software! Using software can help you pick numbers, analyze historical data, filter, and perform complex calculations. That gives you an advantage over the other players and a better chance of winning than anyone else!

Play a pick-3 game where 3 winning numbers, the odds of matching all 3 lottery balls draw is 1 in 1000! However, using our software’s filtering features to filter out those tickets that are unlikely to be drawn in the next draw can effectively improve your chances of winning.

United States

Arizona Pick 3, Arkansas Cash 3 Midday, Arkansas Cash 4 Evening, Arkansas Cash 3 Evening, Arkansas Cash 4 Midday, California Daily 3 Midday, California Daily 3 Evening, California Daily 4, Colorado Midday Pick 3, Colorado Evening Pick 3, Connecticut Play 3 Night, Connecticut Play 4 Night, Connecticut Play 3 Day, Connecticut Play 4 Day, Delaware PLAY 4 Night, Delaware PLAY 3 Day, Delaware PLAY 4 Day, Delaware PLAY 3 Night, DC Midday Pick 3, DC Evening Pick 4, DC Evening Pick 3, DC Midday Pick 4.

Maryland Midday Pick 4, Maryland Evening Pick 3, Maryland Midday Pick 3, Maryland Evening Pick 4, THE NUMBERS GAME Evening, THE NUMBERS GAME Midday, Michigan Daily 3 Evening, Michigan Daily 4 Evening, Michigan Daily 3 Midday, Michigan Daily 4 Midday, Minnesota Daily 3, Missouri Evening Pick 3, Missouri Evening Pick 4, Missouri Midday Pick 3, Missouri Midday Pick 4, la quodienne 3, la quodienne 4, Nebraska Pick 3, New Hampshire Tri-State Day Pick 4, New Hampshire Tri-State Evening Pick 4, New Hampshire Tri-State Day Pick 3, New Hampshire Tri-State Evening Pick 3, New Jersey Midday Pick 4, New Jersey Evening Pick 4, New Jersey Midday Pick 3, New Jersey Evening Pick 3, New Mexico Evening Pick 3, New Mexico Evening Pick 4, New Mexico Day Pick 4, New Mexico Day Pick 3.

South Carolina Evening Pick 3, South Carolina Evening Pick 4, South Carolina Midday Pick 4, South Carolina Midday Pick 3, Tennessee Midday Cash 3, Tennessee Midday Cash 4, Tennessee Cash 3 Evening, Tennessee Morning Cash 3, Tennessee Morning Cash 4, Tennessee Cash 4 Evening, Texas Day Daily 4, Texas Night Pick 3, Texas Evening Pick 3, Texas Evening Daily 4, Texas Day Pick 3, Texas Night Daily 4, Texas Morning Pick 3, Texas Morning Daily 4, Vermont Tri-State Day Pick 3, Vermont Tri-State Evening Pick 4, Vermont Tri-State Day Pick 4, Vermont Tri-State Evening Pick 3, Virginia Night Pick 3, Virginia Day Pick 4, Virginia Night Pick 4, Virginia Day Pick 3, Washington DAILY GAME, West Virginia Daily 4, West Virginia Daily 3, Western Pick 3, Wisconsin Pick 4, Wisconsin Pick 3.

Florida Midday Pick 4, Florida Midday Pick 3, Florida Evening Pick 3, Florida Evening Pick 4, Georgia Cash 4 Evening, Georgia Cash 3 Night, Georgia Cash 3 Evening, Georgia Cash 4 Night, Georgia Cash 3 Midday, Georgia Cash 4 Midday, Idaho Pick 3 Night, Idaho Pick 3 Day, Illinois Evening Pick 3, Illinois Midday Pick 4, Illinois Midday Pick 3, Illinois Evening Pick 4, Indiana DAILY 3 Evening, Indiana DAILY 4 Evening, Indiana DAILY 3 Midday, Indiana DAILY 4 Midday, Iowa Evening Pick 3, Iowa Midday Pick 4, Iowa Evening Pick 4, Iowa Midday Pick 3, Kansas Evening Pick 3, Kansas Midday Pick 3, Kentucky Midday Pick 4, Kentucky Midday Pick 3, Kentucky Evening Pick 3, Kentucky Evening Pick 4, Louisiana Pick 3, Louisiana Pick 4, Maine Tri-State Day Pick 4, Maine Tri-State Evening Pick 3, Maine Tri-State Day Pick 3, Maine Tri-State Evening Pick 4.

New York NUMBERS Evening, New York WIN4 Evening, New York WIN4 Midday, New York NUMBERS Midday, North Carolina Daytime Pick 3, North Carolina Daytime Pick 4, North Carolina Evening Pick 4, North Carolina Evening Pick 3, Ohio Midday Pick 3, Ohio Evening Pick 3, Ohio Evening Pick 4, Ohio Midday Pick 4, Oklahoma Pick 3, Oregon Pick 4 7 PM, Oregon Pick 4 1 PM, Oregon Pick 4 4 PM, Oregon Pick 4 10 PM, Pennsylvania Evening Pick 4, Pennsylvania Day Pick 3, Pennsylvania Day Pick 4, Pennsylvania Evening Pick 3, Puerto Rico Pega 4 Noche, Puerto Rico Pega 3 Noche, THE NUMBERS.Evening.


Ontario Midday Pick 3, Ontario Midday Pick 4, Ontario Evening Pick 3, Ontario Evening Pick 4, Quebec Quotidienne 3, Quebec Quotidienne 4, Western Pick 3.

Other Pick 3 Pick 4 Games

Note: The following lotteries do not support online data updates and require manual import or entry.
Full version users who play the following lotteries, please contact us and we will help you collect the latest data usually takes 24-48 hours)


Cash 3


Belize Pick 3

China & China Taiwan 中国大陆和中国台湾

福彩3D, 排列3, 3星彩, 4星彩

Dominican Republic

Pega 4 Real


Numbers 3, Numbers 4


Digit Game 4


Singapore 4D

United Kingdom

Pick 3 1pm, Pick 3 6pm


Belgium Pick 3

Costa Rica

3 Monazos Tarde, 3 Monazos Noche


Toto 3 Dia, Toto 3 Tarde, Toto 3 Noche


Midday Lucky 3, Evening Lucky 3


PMP, TOTO 4D, Sandakan 4D, Sarawak Cash, Sabah 4D, Sabah 3D.

Puerto Rico

Pega 3 Dia, Pega 3 Noche, Pega 4 Dia, Pega 4 Noche


Magic 3, Magic 4

If the ticket you are playing is not on our list, please contact us before purchasing!

  • 11/20/2015
    Add Lotteries: Tennessee Morning Cash 3, Tennessee Morning Cash 4, Texas Morning Pick-3, Texas Morning Daily-4.
  • 10/23/2016
    Support WRG(ver1.0) WRG = Wheel Reduction Guarantee. The WRG is designed to enable a player to play more numbers.
  • 12/15/2018
    Support Actual Skips. How it works: The green dots show which filters are possible to be used for the next draw game, based on the skip and hit scenario above.
  • 11/10/2019
    Added functions: Split drawings, Remove Duplicates, Added Lotteries: New Mexico midday and evening Pick-4 Games.
  • 12/06/2020
    Adding New Features:
    1. Automatically generates reports with all numbers sorted from hot to cold, The drawings data analysis range can be modified.
    2. Automatically generates reports with all numbers skips, sorting from far numbers to near numbers, The drawings data analysis range can be modified.
    3. Adds the function of generating numbers by one line.
    4. Full tickets generation with 4 generation modes supported (All, Single, Double, and Triple).
    5. Checking win tickets supports Straight, 3-Way Box, 6-Way Box, Front Pair, Back Pair, and Split Pair.
    Adding New Lotteries:
    1. Added the Mississippi Cash 3 game.
    2. Added the Wisconsin Midday Pick 3 game.
    3. Added the Wisconsin Midday Pick 4 game
  • 12/01/2021
    Added New Features:
    1. Added Search Past Drawings function.
    2. Added Optimization Bet Tickets function.
    3. Betting List supports Real-time display Odd, Even, SUM, Root Sum, Average Value, Prime, Low, High, Max Distance and Average Distance.

    Added New Features:
    1. Added Pattern Optimization, supports Odd-Even Pattern and Low-High Pattern Optimization.
    2. Added Offset Optimization, supports Offset – Optimization and Offset + Optimization.
    3. Added new Generator: Rundown and Tic-Tac-Toe.
    4. Advanced filtering adds the function of automatically generating filter conditions.
    5. Added Offset +- Analyze.
    6. Drawings Trend supports Hits, Now Skips, Average Skips, Max Skips, Max Successive.


” The Sam Pick 3 Pick 4 soft is the BEST game to win consistently and thanks to Pick 3 Winning I am winning the pick-3 all the time!”


” I found the SamP3P4 pick 3 software very easy to understand. It makes alot of sense.”
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