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Security Guarantee

We guarantee our softwares (downloaded from to be 100% free of viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, malware, spyware, backdoors or logic bombs. and, SamLotto &SamP3P4 will not alter your Registry and it will not add to, delete or modify your system files. It is self-contained and non-obtrusive..

We scanned The latest version of SamLotto & SamP3P4 programs on 29 May 2014 with 3 of the best antivirus engines available today: Kaspersky, AVG, NOD32. .

Please be assured that we will not place any ads on our programs.

FREE Download SamLotto/SamP3P4

Products Protocol Version Size         Download
SamLotto Software Demo 9.2 11.5 MB
SamP3P4 Software Demo 9.2 6.56 MB
Lotto PowerWheels FREE 2.0 7.41 MB
P3P4 Generator FREE 2.0 2.11 MB
SamLotto Video Tutorial FREE 2020 436 MB
SamP3P4 Video Tutorial FREE 2020 399 MB