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If you wish to win the Pick-3 Pick-4 lottery, here is the very cool lottery software SamP3P4 that can help your dream come true. It has been tweaked over the years and is continuously strong since 2003. It works with all pick 3 pick 4 lottery software and supports over a hundred of lotteries in Canada and the United States.

The SamP3P4 Pick-3 pick-4 lottery software features the best lottery drawings analysis tool, predicting tool and filtering tool that can help you win the lottery. You can stop trying to predict by Lady Luck's help. It is truly a difficult task to merely lean on blind luck. Instead, you can use various functions of the lottery software to increase your chance of winning by 1000%. SamP3P4 Supports Lotteries.

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

If you are ready to learn how to win the Pick 3/4 lottery, you are in the right choice. With SamP3P4, you can do this easily as the software will do everything for you. It can pick or generate number combinations, predict, thus increasing your chances of winning the lottery.

SamLotto & SamP3P4 Introduction

Summary of filtering features

  1. The base filters support 1-click generate default conditions (According to the last 1/2/3/5/10/20/30/50 drawings).
  2. All filters support "Filter Assistant"; this function will open the filter chart to help you set the current filter conditions.
  3. Support set "filtering contain positions", you can specify the position of the numbers involved in the filtering.
  4. Supports base filters: Odd Count, Even Count, Hight Count, Low Count , Prime Count , Number Sum, Average Value, Successiv, Successiv Groups, Odd Successiv, Even Successiv, Minimum Number, Maximum Number, First-Last Distance, Max Distance, Smallest Distance, Different Distance, AC, Same Last Drawn, Position 1 (Thousands), Position 2 (Hundreds), Position 3 (Tens), Position 4 (Units), Different Number Count , Units (0) Number Count, Units (1) Number Count, Units (2) Number Count, Units (3) Number Count, Units (4) Number Count 30. Units, Number Count, Units (6) Number Count, Units (7) Number Count, Units (8) Number Count, Units (9) Number Count, Root Sum etc..
  5. Supports advanced filters: Adv Number Count, Adv Number Sum, Successive Number Filter, Range Filter, Number Groups Filter, Must Contain the Numbers, Locked Numbers, Divided by 3, Divided by 4, Divided by 5, Divided by 6, Divided by 7, Multiple Filter, Delete History Drawings etc..

Predict lottery numbers

  1. According to the drawings trend chart, predict the next drawing winning numbers manually.
  2. Verify that all prediction formula, choose the best one.
  3. Predict the next drawing winning numbers.