Minnesota (MN) Northstar Cash is the most popular lottery in MN. The odds of winning the Jackpot in Minnesota Northstar Cash is 169,911.00, To play, you must pick 5 numbers from 1-31. Match all 5 winning draw numbers to claim the jackpot.

Minnesota Northstar Cash Lottery Details

  • Availability: Minnesota (MN) Only.
  • Draw Method: Computer Random Number Generator.
  • Drawing Days and Time: Every Day, 6:26 PM Central Time (GMT-6:00).
  • Prize Odds: Jackpot odds of winning 1 in 169,911.00. Overall odds are 1 in 6.00.
  • Game Type: 5/31, choose 5 numbers between 1 and 31.
  • Official Website: Minnesota (MN) Northstar Cash.
Minnesota (MN) Northstar Cash Lottery Strategy and Software

Win Minnesota Northstar Cash Strategies and Tips

In our search for lottery patterns, we have carefully analyzed all the past lottery results of hundreds of different lotto games around the world and we have verified the following incredibly simple rules. Using these simple methods can dramatically increase your odds of winning and save you money!

Do Not Use The Following Pattern Selection Number Combinations

Tips 1. Do Not Choose All Odd or Even Numbers in a Combination

We have analyzed a lot of lottery drawings results, it is concluded that the probability of occurrence of all odd numbers or even numbers in a combination is very low.

Tips 2. Do Not Choose Regular Combinations

Don’t use regular combinations, For example, a few examples of combinations: 01 11 21 31 41, 13 16 19 21 24, 01 03 05 07, 10 20 30 40 50, 07 14, 21, 28, 35.

Tips 3. Do Not Choose the Extreme Combinations

We analyzed the top 10 most popular lotteries worldwide, with tens of thousands of drawings results, like 01 02 03 04 05, and 35 36 37 38 39, a combination that basically does not occur.

Tips 4. Do Not Choose the Combinations has been Drawn Before

Let’s look at the odds of winning the Minnesota Northstar Cash top jackpot: 1 in 169,911.00. drawings result from 10/7/2003, with over 6300 entries. So all numbers that have been drawn should be excluded.

Tips 5. Do Not Choose All Numbers From One Group

Do Not choose all winning numbers from one number group, For example. 01 05 06 09 10, 21 23 24 28 29, 31 32 35 36 37, The first combination is all in group 01-10, the second combination is all in group 21-30, the third combination is all in group 31-40, According to the analysis of historical data, the probability of these number combinations appearing is very low.

FREE Download SamLotto Lottery Strategy Software to Play Minnesota Northstar Cash

If you are interested SamLotto lottery software to play the Minnesota Northstar Cash lottery, you can download and use the free edition, you can use most of the features and the drawing statistics analysis module is completely free!

Minnesota (MN) Northstar Cash Lottery Strategy Software
Minnesota (MN) Northstar Cash

Use Lottery Strategy Software to Win Minnesota Northstar Cash

How do you generate Minnesota Northstar Cash complete combinations and wheeling combinations, analyze past drawings results, and use filters to eliminate low odds combinations, etc.?

Calculations with calculators and Excel sheets are impractical and will take a lot of time! you need full-featured professional lottery tools. SamLotto lottery software is an All-In-One lottery program to play the lottery!

SamLotto lottery software offers a variety of strategy combinations to help you win Minnesota Northstar Cash and increase your odds of winning.

Provides many different prediction algorithms to predict the next drawing numbers and provides algorithm verification tools.

Generate the full combination of numbers and then filter out the bad combinations using filters.

Generate a wheel combinations and then filter out the bad combinations using the filter.

Or you just want to generate the wheeling combinations without using the filter.

For more information about SamLotto lottery software, please visit here!

Are you ready to Start Winning Minnesota Northstar Cash with SamLotto Lottery Software?
Minnesota (MN) Northstar Cash Lottery Software

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