When to Use this Function

When we have used wheeling formulas and filters and still have a lot of tickets, buying all those tickets costs a lot of money! This is the time to use this function. The optimization function can help us to reduce the number of bets while playing more numbers.

We offer three types of optimization, The amount of the same number for each combination, Each of 10 combinations reserved for X tickets, and Even-Odd Low-High Pattern.

The Amount of the Same Number for Each Combination

When the amount of the same x numbers for each ticket reserve only one of the tickets. We can also choose which position of the ticket to reserve.

Each of 10 Combinations Reserved for X Tickets

Each of 10 combinations reserved for x tickets. x supports 1-9.

Even-Odd Low-High Pattern

CheckList Box Lists all of the Odd-Even and Low High Pattern, The all uncheked patterns will be deleted. The program default selection of the previous 10 drawings patterns. Click the Default button to generate the pattern based on the previous drawings.

How to Use Optimization

The following animation demonstrates how to use the Even-Odd Low-High pattern.

SamLotto Optimization


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