Wheeling systems is one of the core features of SamLotto lottery software, and our wheeling systems support almost all lotto types of lottery, support all pick 2, pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, pick 6, pick 7 from 1 to 90 numbers, For more information, please continue reading our article.

What is a Wheeling System

A wheeling system is a way of playing the lottery. Some call it a method, some call it a strategy. No matter what name you use, it is a method that has the potential to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

The main idea behind designing lottery wheels is to organize your lotto games so that there are more chances to win prizes. The focus of these systems is to use mathematics. It all starts with selecting numbers and then grouping them into multiple combinations.

Lottery wheel systems rely on the purchase of more than one ticket. The exact number depends on the wheel chosen. The important thing is that lotto wheels are easy. They apply simplicity to advanced mathematics. This is what makes them popular among beginners and advanced players alike.

What is a number wheel? The digital wheel is a different name used for the lottery wheel system. It fits because you will “take turns” choosing some numbers to improve your lottery odds. This means that you combine the selected numbers in a special way.

You can wheel the numbers around as you wish. However, the more numbers you choose, the larger the number of tickets required.

Have you decided to try lottery wheel? If so, you should choose the numbers for your wheeling system. This is where other lotto strategies can help. For more information on how to choose numbers you can refer to our BEST 15 Strategies of Picking Lottery Numbers.

Maximum number coverage. The lottery wheel ensures that you cover the chosen numbers to play extensively. If you are lucky enough to guess the numbers correctly, this will improve the chances of a big win.

It is applicable to almost any lottery. You may need to make some adjustments to the system depending on the game chosen. But otherwise, the lotto wheel works with any lottery, from the US Powerball to Singapore Toto.

Wheeling System Types

Our software supports two types of Wheel systems: Full Wheel System(Full Generator) and Abbreviated Wheel System(Wheels Generator).

Full Wheel System(Full Generator)

The idea of this system is to include EVERY potential combination with the chosen numbers. The biggest advantage is that it increases your chances of winning prizes and boosts income if your numbers are drawn. Let’s put it bluntly – you are lucky enough to win a jackpot with this system. Since you got all the numbers right, you will also win second and third-tier awards, and maybe even more.

The downside is that a full wheel might require a bigger number of combinations. For example, a Pick 5 lottery, picking 15 numbers, 3003 combinations are necessary to cover them all.

Abbreviated Wheel System(Wheels Generator)

Abbreviated Wheel System depends on specific formulas, and using different formulas produces a different number of combinations and guarantees a different probability of winning. SamLotto supports over 3800 formulas. This is an approach that reduces the number of combinations required compared to the full wheel. That means playing this system can be more affordable than using the previous strategy. The problem is that you only pick certain combinations, which lowers your chances of a jackpot. For example, you can guess all the numbers.

How to Use SamLotto’s Wheeling Systems

In the following example we demonstrate how to use the Abbreviated Wheel System, see the screenshot below, in the following Powerball lottery, choose 10 numbers to the wheel, we choose the formula “if 5 matches 4” instead of purchasing 252 combinations, you only bet on 17 tickets, and if the winning numbers are among those 10 numbers, it guarantees you win a 4-number prize and several 3-number and 4-number prizes. The odds of winning 5 numbers is 6.75%. If you’re really lucky, you hit the jackpot. (If you want to generate full combinations, please use the Full Generator.)

The Following Video Demonstrates How to Use the Abbreviated Wheel System(Wheels Generator)


If you feel that the combinations generated using the Abbreviated Wheel System are still too many, You can continue to optimize your bets and use filters to filter out some of the bad tickets.

If you are interested in SamLotto lottery software you can download and use the free version, the free version can be up to choose 10 numbers to the wheel.