Why Use Lottery Software to Play Megabucks Plus Lottery

How do you generate Tri-State Megabucks Plus complete combinations and wheeling combinations, analyze past drawings results, and use filters to eliminate low chance combinations?

Calculations with calculators and Excel sheets are impractical and will take a lot of time! you need full-featured professional lottery tools.

Today I’ll show you how to use SamLotto lottery software to win the Tri-State Megabucks Plus jackpot!

Tri-State Megabucks Plus Lottery Details

  • Participating States: Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
  • Draw Method: Mechanical Lottery Ball Machine.
  • Drawing Days and Time: Wednesday, Saturday, 7:59 PM Eastern Time (GMT-5:00).
  • Prize Odds: Jackpot odds of winning 1 in 4,496,388, Overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 5.9.
  • Game Type: 5/41 + 1/6, 5 numbers between 1 and 41, 1 number between 1 and 6 (the “Megaball”).

Use Lottery Software to Update Megabucks Plus Drawings Results to the Latest

SamLotto includes Megabucks Plus drawings results from August 1, 2009, with over 1200 entries.

We will upload the Megabucks Plus drawings results every morning, you can download it the next morning. Alternatively, you can manually enter the latest draw results.

Update Megabucks Plus Drawings Results

Picking Tri-State Megabucks Plus Lottery Numbers

In the Pick panel, by clicking on the “Pick” button, you can quickly generate a pool of numbers from the results of the previous draws. We offer 3 modes of picking numbers: hot, cold, and previous.

Generate Tri-State Megabucks Plus Complete Combinations and Wheeling Combinations

We offer 2 modes of generating Megabucks Plus lottery combinations, generate all possible(Full) combinations and generating wheeling combinations. Using wheeling you can quickly compress combinations and win many small prizes, but the odds of winning the jackpot are very low.

Useing Samlotto to Generate Megabucks Plus Complete Combinations and Wheeling Combinations
Useing Samlotto to Generate Megabucks Plus Complete Combinations and Wheeling Combinations

Analysis Tri-State Megabucks Plus Previous Drawings Results

SamLotto is also a Megabucks Plus lotto analysis software that supports over 80 analysis methods and graphs. By analyzing these charts, filter parameters can be more correctly predicted.

SamLotto lotto analysis software
Megabucks Plus Previous Drawings Results Analysis

Eliminate Tri-State Megabucks Plus Bad Combinations with Filters

If you would like to filter the Megabucks Plus lottery ticket combinations. SamLotto is also a lottery filtering software, filtering is a very effective way of eliminating the Megabucks Plus lottery bad lottery tickets by counting the previous results and filtering out combinations with very low odds of winning.

We used the filter filtered out the Megabucks Plus lottery bad combinations example as below.

We selected 13 numbers, generating a total of 1287 combinations. Randomly selected 15 filter conditions. Using filtering we eliminated a total of 952 combinations.

Filtering Tri-State Megabucks Plus combinations with SamLotto software

Download SamLotto Lottery Software to Play Tri-State Megabucks Plus

If you are interested SamLotto lottery software to play the Megabucks Plus lottery, you can download and use the free edition, you can use most of the features and the drawing statistics analysis module is completely free!


If you play Megabucks Plus Lottery, don’t give up your chance to win 10x, 100x more than others!

Stop being prejudiced against lottery software, it’s just a tool to improve our efficiency. Programs do not guarantee that you will win the lottery. But it can increase your chances of winning the lottery. You have a big advantage over other lottery players, and that’s enough!

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