SamP3P4 contains the filter “Delete History Drawings”, before using this filter we need to clarify a question.

The Winning Numbers Combination That Has Already Drawn, Will They Draw Again?

If you play Pick 3 Pick 4 lottery, my answer is YES!


Because there are only 1,000 possible different number combinations. View all pick 3 prize records. The results can be 000, 001, 002, 999.

Another thing about Pick 3 is that it is not drawn only once or twice a week. Typically, Pick 3 is drawn twice a day, and some tickets are even drawn once every two hours. This makes for many draws per year!

Pick 3 has only 1,000 different number combinations of results and hundreds of subdraws per year, so it’s easy to see how the results will be repeated often. Even if a different result comes out for each draw and it never repeats, it would take less than a year and five months, and theoretically 1-2 years at most for all the results to be used up.

We counted almost all Pick 3 Pick 4 lotteries in the United States, and many number combinations have been repeated more than 10 times.

However, we did find a pattern in Pick 3 lotteries, where combinations that have been drawn in the last 50 draws have a low probability of being drawn again. In the Pick 4 lottery, there is a very low probability that a combination that has already been drawn in the last 500 draws will be drawn again.

How to Use Delete History Drawings

Example 1, Pick 3 game, all positions participate in the calculation

Example 2, Pick 4 game, position 1 and position 4 participate in the calculation.

  • Filtering Contain Position: Which positions are participating filter, the default is all positions.
  • From To: History Drawings Range to filter out.


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