SamP3P4 3-digit 4-digit lottery software Supports 3 ways to generate Pick 3 Pick 4 number combinations. They are, generate combinations by position, generate combinations by one line (Wheel), and generate combinations by SUM value. If you play the lotto lottery visit: How to Generate Lotto Lottery Numbers Combinations.

Next I will describe in detail these 3 ways of generating combinations.

Generating Combinations by Position

if you play Pick 3 there are only 1,000 possible different number combinations and if you play Pick 4 10,000 combinations. We can’t buy all the numbers, so you can use the software to select the numbers you play in each position and generate all possible combinations.

Quick selection of numbers

In the Pick panel, by clicking on the “Pick” button, you can quickly generate a pool of numbers from the results of the previous draws. We offer 3 modes of picking numbers picking hot numbers, picking cold numbers, and picking previous numbers.

Generate combination patterns

Before generating combination, you can select generate combination patterns, supports All, Single, Double and Triple to geneerate lines.

Generating Combinations by One Line(Pick 3 Pick 4 Wheel)

In order, every 3 or 4 numbers are combined once, based on the number you choose. Using this Wheel, Pick 3 games can generate up to 120 combinations, and Pick 4 games can generate up to 210 combinations.

Generating Combinations by SUM Value

We know that the minimum combination of the Pick 3 lottery is 0 0 0, and the maximum combination is 9 9 9, So the Pick 3 lottery has a sum range of 0-27. Also, Pick 4 lottery tickets to have a sum range of 0-36.

For example, as shown below, we predict the next winning number’s sum value is 13, 19, 22, select the sum value 13, 19, 22, generate all combinations of these 3 sum values.

  • Default: Automatically generate SUM values based on the previous drawing.
  • Assistant: Open Sum Value Analysis Assistant.
  • Checked All: Checked all Sums value.
  • Clear All: Uncheck all Sums value.


If you are interested in SamP3P4 lottery software you can download and use the free version, you can use most of the features and the statistical analysis module is completely free!