Although many people feel that lottery numbers appear randomly, there are still rules that can increase the probability of winning if the right strategies are used.

Choosing the right number is the first step in playing the lottery, and then using wheeling or filtering methods to eliminate bad combinations makes sense.

And we can not choose too many numbers, the more numbers, the more combinations generated, the more difficult it is to process the combinations.

Today I will show you several popular numbers picking methods.

Selecting Numbers by Analyzing Hot and Cold Numbers

You can choose your numbers based on the frequency, The more times a number appears, the higher the probability of it appearing in the next draw, But you should not give up on cold numbers either, The higher the probability of the coldest number appearing next time.

We also have to pay attention to skips numbers, there are some numbers that have not appeared for a long time, these numbers should also be considered.

As shown above, we have analyzed the winning numbers of Mega Millions 100 drawings. Let’s look at the hot/cold sort first, there were five numbers that appeared more than 10 times: 27, 44, 20, 57, 64. But 01 and 65 appeared only 2 times. Let’s look at the skips analysis, 51 has skipped 53 draws, and 40 skipped 43 draws. Through the above analysis, we should pay special attention to these numbers: 27, 44, 20, 57, 64, 01, 65, 51, 53

Select Numbers That have Appeared in the Previous 5 Drawings

According to our study, some numbers of the last 5 winning numbers like to show up again and again.

For example, as shown above, in the Mega Millions lottery from 10/27/2020 to 11/10/2020, we find 06, 07, 14, and 59 shown up repeatedly.

Select the Adjacent Numbers to Previous Winning Numbers

What is the adjacent number? If number 21 has been hit in the last drawn, its adjacent numbers(19, 20, 22, 23) are likely to be drawn.

We found a pattern by looking at the drawings trend chart, a number that appeared in the previous drawn has a high probability of appearing in its adjacent numbers.

For example, the chart above shows the trend of drawings in Lotto America from 9/26/2020 to 12/2/2020. I only marked some of the neighboring numbers, not marked all.

11/21/2020 drawn numbers: 02, 05, 36, 45, 52, 11/25/2020 drawn numbers: 01, 07, 12, 38, 40.

We found 3 pairs of neighboring numbers, they are: 02 and 01, 05 and 07, 36 and 38.

Use Drawings Trend Chart to Manually Predict Winning Numbers

In the chart below, which is a 30 drawings historical trend chart of the Cash 4 Life lottery, we can easily find that there are many areas that are blank, which we call cold areas, so we try to avoid these areas when choosing numbers. There are a lot of numbers in the area we call it the hot area, these areas we try to choose more numbers

Using Lottery Prediction Software

Using prediction software to predict winning numbers can save us a lot of time and put time and effort into filtering.

We don’t recommend using prediction software directly to predict numbers, it’s better to keep verifying first to find out the best pattern


Is this the end after the number selection? NO, this is just the beginning. To win the jackpot you need to generate all the combinations and continue processing your numbers!

The data quoted in the article and some of the statistical charts were generated by SamLotto lottery software. If you are interested you can download and use the free version, you can use most of the features and the statistical analysis module is completely free!