The filtering assistant for SamLotto & SamP3P4 can help us to set filter condition parameters easier. Open each filter condition setting window, you can see an “Assistant” button. Both base filters and advanced filters support the filter assistant. Advanced filters do not support the batch generation of default filter conditions parameters, so they need the help of filter assistants more. The filter assistant program can automatically generate default filter parameters based on the data you currently enter.

Enter the data to be filtered, clicking on the “Assistant” button will open the filter assistant window.

The program default statistics for the past 20 drawings. Modify the statistical range, the default filter condition parameters will be calculated automatically. Clicking on the “Default Value” button will close the window and automatically fill the conditional parameter values.

  • 1. Set the statistical range to automatically refill the default condition value.
  • 2. Set which position’s winning number to participate in the statistics.
  • 3. Show bar chart.
  • 4. Show linear graphs.
  • 5. Automatically generated default condition parameters value.
  • 6. Click the “Default Value” button to automatically fill the filter parameters to the current filter.


If you are interested in SamLotto & SamP3P4 lottery software you can download and use the free version, you can use most of the features and the statistical analysis module is completely free!