SamLotto lottery prediction software offers many different tools and algorithms formulas to predict lottery numbers. And there are some assistance tools available to help us to discover the prediction patterns of each lottery algorithm. If you play Pick 3 Pick 4 lottery please click here.

Manual Prediction of the Next Draw Winning Numbers

Looking at the trend chart of winning numbers, it is easy to see that the distribution of winning numbers has a regular pattern. SamLotto provides historical number trend charts, you can observe the trend of numbers, manually predict and extract numbers, as shown in the following animated image.

Manual Prediction Winning Numbers
Manual Forecast Next Draw Winning Numbers
  • Modify the display Drawings range: Change Combox “from” and “to” Modify the display Drawings range.
  • Contain Positions: Show only the winning numbers in the specified positions.
  • Bonus: Checking this trend chart will display only the bonus number. If the current lottery does not have a bonus number, this checkbox will not be displayed.
  • Pick up the next number of your choice: Right mouse click to pop up menu Click “Picking Next Drawing Numbers”.

Using Lotto Prediction Algorithm

Verification of Historical Prediction Success Rate

What is the lottery algorithm verification function?

Verification is the program can now accurately record its own prediction history. Verify all the prediction formulas and algorithms we provide and get the accuracy of all prediction algorithms correctly, Choose the one with the best prediction formula to use.

Use SamLotto Lottery Software algorithm to predict lottery numbers
Algorithm for Predicting Lottery Numbers
  • Modify the verification drawings range: Change Combox “from” and “to” Modify the verification drawings range. When you have finished selecting, please click on the “Verification” button again to re-verify.
  • Bonus: The latest version of SamLotto supports the prediction and verification of Bonus numbers if the game contains Bonus numbers.

Actual Skips are also available in the SamLoto, helping us to discover the prediction patterns of each lottery algorithm.

Actual Skips
Actual Skips

Get the Predicted Numbers for the Next Draw

algorithm for predicting lottery numbers
Predict Now
  • Predict Now: Click the “Predict Now” button to start predicting the next draw numbers.
  • Add to Panel: The “Add to Panel” button automatically fills the predicted numbers into the number panel. Continue processing these numbers, generating the full combinations, generating the wheels combinations, and filtering the combinations using the filter.


If you are interested SamLotto lottery software you can download and use the free version, you can use most of the features and the statistical analysis module is completely free!